DTH Air Button Bits

Drill King International takes immense pride in being one of the only truly “Custom” Bit and hole opener manufacturers worldwide. The company manufacture’s thousands of different configurations and have one of the largest stocking selections of bits in the Western Hemisphere Manufacturing sizes ranging from 2-3/4” (70mm) to 42” (1067mm) to industry standard shanks. We utilize the latest technologies in engineering to produce cutting edge designs. We use methods that meet aerospace standards in manufacturing superior quality hammers and bits to ISO 9001:2015. We offer an extensive range of high quality tungsten carbide grades, shapes and sizes, as well as diamond enhanced buttons.


The CC KRUSHER bit combines three distinctly different face angles, while providing the best features of the Concave and the Convex designs. Specifically, the CC Krusher offers both straight-hole drilling and excellent penetration rates.


The FLAT FACE bit is simple and robust face design, best suited for very hard formations. It can also be used in soft formations where vertical deviation is not a priority.


The CONCAVE bit is suited for most drilling conditions, as this design holds a very straight hole due to the tapered recess in the face of the bit. This recess or so-called “dish” causes a slight coring action, which helps keep the hole straight, while providing for excellent penetration and good air flushing of the hole.


The DROP CENTER bit, as it name suggests, features a recess in the impact face. This recess provides a coring action, which helps keep the hole straight. This is a custom-made design, as it is not very common.


The CONVEX bit is suited for very hard and abrasive formations as it incorporates two different gage rows leading up to the flat impact face. The inner gage row helps to protect the outer row from excessive wear.

Bit Enhancements:

Standard Shanks Available

2 ¾ (70mm) – 3 ¼” (82mm)  BR2
3 ½” (90mm) – 3 ¾” (95mm)  IR3.5 / 3015 / MACH 30/33 / BR3
4″ (102mm) – 5 1/8″ (130mm)  IR340 / TD40 / MD4 / M40 / SD4 / MACH 44
5″ (127mm) – 5 ¾” (146mm) IR350 / QL50 / SD5 / M50 / MACH 50
6″ (165mm) – 8 ½” (216mm) IR360 / QL60 / SD6 / M60 / MACH 60
7 3/8″ (187mm) – 9 7/8″ (250mm) IR380 / QL80 / SD8 / M80 / TD90 / MACH 80
9 7/8″ (250mm) – 12 ¾” (324mm) SD10 / N100 / IR310 / QLX100
11 7/8″ (302mm) – 17 ½” (445mm) SD12 / QL120 / IR112 / N120 / N125
17″ (432mm) – 20″ (508mm) SD15 / IR112S
18″ (457mm) – 24″ (610mm) N180 / SD18 
26″ (660mm) – 42″ (1067mm) N240 / QL200 / QL200S

Oversize button bits are available on all shanks and minimum quantities may apply .

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