Ancillary Products

Adapter Subs & Drill Rods

Available with all rotary API thread connections, DKI’s subs/adapters and drill rods are offered in a variety of customizable options.

Button Bit Regrinding System

DKI brings grinding technology to the rock face, offering a high quality, low cost comprehensive re-sharpening system enabling operator’s ease of use and maintenance whilst maximizing the efficiency of the drill bits. To obtain the optimum performance from your rock drilling equipment, it is essential that the profile of your cemented carbide drill bit inserts is maintained to the correct standard.

Failure to regrind your rock drill at regular intervals can result in dramatic loss of penetration rate and tendency for hole deviation or, at worse, irreparable damage to the drill.


DKI’s Stabilizers are designed to keep the drill string centered in the hole, by reducing sidetracking and vibrations. Available in a variety of options such as Smooth & Straight/Spiral Blade body.

Fishing Tools

DKI offers a full range of high-quality fishing tools such as taper taps, overshots & magnets, that are used to retrieve lost, damaged and/or stuck in the hole tooling.

Rock Drill Oil

DKI’s Eco-Lube is a high-performance rock drill lubricant, designed to maximize lubricity and wear protection under extreme pressures, when used in automatic oiling systems. The LOW-VISCOSITY FORMULA ensures that the lubricant is efficiently atomized into the air stream to coat and protect moving parts and seals.

ECO-LUBE is Environmentally Safe, Petroleum Free and readily biodegradable.

Tricone Rock Roller Bits

All sizes new and re-runs, sealed and open bearing. Available from local O&G suppliers offering most premium brands such as Smith, Varel and others.

Drag Bits

Sub Products

Air Grinder

This powerful pneumatic grinder is well known for it’s ease of maintenance with corrosion free parts, sealed bearings, drop in cartridge air motor, light weight trigger action and quick change collet, giving a fast and efficient machine.

Portable Air Preparation Unit

The Preparation Unit has been designed to make the job of re-grinding button bits as convenient as possible. It can be used ‘on site’ as a Portable Unit, and has proved particularly successful where mains water or regulated air supply may not be available.

The Regrinding Cups

Available for different button shapes and for other manufacturers’ air grinders. Scandia, Boroscan and Dome/Ballistic Combos being the most popular.

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